Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I have to pose nude?
A: Absolutely not! In fact we have found that a photograph can be more sensual when you leave some things to a viewer’s imagination. Your session is always under your control, you decide what you want to do! If you prefer nudity, it is our little secret.

Q: I’m not exactly at my goal weight, should I wait until I lose a few pounds?
A: We highlight your best features. With the proper wardrobe selection, posing and lighting techniques, we find our clients are pleasantly surprised with how great they look.

Q: Is everyone as nervous as I am?
A: Yes, Almost everybody is nervous at first! Our friendly and professional attitude will very quickly warm you up and in no time, together we will be producing results beyond your wildest expectations.

Q: Will you sell or even show my photos or publish them in magazines or on the web with out my permission?
A: Absolutely Not! Your privacy is very important to us and your photos will never be viewed by anyone else. All of the photos on our site are used with the permission of our clients. A model release form is completed allowing us to use their photos.

Q: Do you provide photo re-touching?
A: Yes, included with your photo session fee is basic photo re-touching, and airbrushing as required. Typical retouching / airbrushing includes: stretch mark removal, acne removal, scar removal and more. Using state-of-the-art digital technology we can manipulate your photos any way we may need to resulting in magazine quality photographs.

Q: How long does it take to receive my pictures?
A: Allow 2 weeks for the entire process. After your photo shoot, we will schedule a second appointment for you to view all of your proofs. At that time, we will find the right photo package for you.

Q: How do I reserve an appointment?
A: You reserve your appointment with major credit card by phone or cash in person. At the time you book your photo session, we will bill your credit card for the photo session ($250). When you come back to view your pictures, we will help you decide which photo package is best for you. There are no refunds for the photo session, and you are given one re-schedule, if necessary, but it needs to be at least 24-hour advanced notice.

Q: Can I purchase a gift certificate?
A: Gift certificates can be purchased in any dollar amount. Some clients prefer to purchase a session, while others choose to purchase the session and a selected package. Please call in advance, so we can have it ready for you.

Q: Do I bring my own clothing / wardrobe items or can you provide them for me?
A: Although we do have a variety of lingerie items in most sizes, we recommend that you also bring some of your own. Especially if you have an unusual bra size or shoe size. Most of the time we will mix and match your wardrobe and ours to find just the right look.

Q: Is there any special preparation required to prepare for my photo session?
A: When you book your session we will go over some important points such as:

  • no spray tan
  • make sure to eat before your session! You will only look tired if there is nothing in your stomach.
  • don’t wear any tight clothing on the way to your photo session, jeans, bra, etc, these leave marks on your body and will require more airbrushing than necessary.
  • try and get a good night’s rest
  • make sure you have your hair ready to go when you arrive, and do not wear any make-up since we will apply your make-up for you the way you would like for the camera.

Q: Can I bring a friend along to chaperone me?
A: Yes, however once we begin the session, your friend will be asked to leave the studio while we are photographing you. It is our experience that we can get you much more comfortable when you are posing for an experienced photographer, without worrying about what your friend is saying or thinking of you.