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Sexy woman in a corset, garters and stockings poses for her boudoir photo shoot at Valentine Studios.

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Dear Meg,

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for the beautiful pictures you took of me. You made the experience fun and comfortable and I was stunned with the results.

I’m used to being a mom and a nurse but not a temptress. So happy to bring that part of being a woman out. It was really inspirational to me.

What you did for me transcends just photography. It really helped me to see the lovely woman that I am. I know, airbrushing helps but the basic face and form was still me.

I wish you much success and happiness. You deserve it. You are just the best!

Thank you Thank you!

– MB

I wanted to say Thank YOU! so much for making me look and feel beautiful. Haven’t felt that way in such a looong time. I can’t imagine all the lives you have touched (especially women) I wish you the very best in your blossoming career, I don’t think I have ever met anyone as special as you. Thank you soooo MUCH!

p.s. My husband fell in LOVE with all of the photos!

– CD

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW all of your clients must be ecstatic when they see their photos. You are talented beyond the beyond Meg. I am just OVER THE MOON with how absolutely lovely they are. The entire experience from start to finish was fun, sexy and exciting. You have a gift for make-up and for photography. You created an atmosphere that encourages comfort and security. These photos are flat out sexy!

– CC

Outstanding! Exceptional photography. Meg’s personality was fun and sooo easy to work with. I was so pleased with just the experience itself until I received the proofs – beyond anything I could have imagined. My very first photo shoot was straight from a magazine. Extraordinary personality and highly talented. Would recommend her in a heartbeat – I’m ready to fly her to NY.

– KC

Working with a professional photographer like Meg is unbelievable! The minute I walked in I felt comfortable in her studio. Meg is so creative and easy to work with. My prints are outrageously amazing. All should experience Meg’s talent!

– RL

My experience at Valentine Studios was truly liberating! I was nervous at first since I had never done something like this before, but Meg put me completely at ease and made the photo shoot fun. My husband and I are both thankful for the beautiful photographs, and I will definitely be back for more!

– RC

Thank you very much for making my photo experience wonderful and enjoyable. I am so happy to be able to give my boyfriend a very special and personalized gift. After I presented him with the album, he was so surprised and

couldn’t believe that I incorporated his uniform in the photo shoot. He loved it, I loved it! Again, Thank you!

– AW

I am very proud of my pictures. I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH! What a gift you gave me! At my age I never would have considered posing for those kinds of photos and that is why I want my friends to see them. You can make anyone look good. That is just amazing! What a wonderful gift to give to your partner! I will be so proud to share these with the next man in my life. Now, I feel more confident than ever that there will be one!

– NL

I gave my boyfriend the photos and in his words, The BEST Birthday Gift I’ve Ever Gotten! He has told me that everyday since then!! He actually looks at them every night before he goes to bed and every morning when he wakes up. I think it’s easily the best money I have ever spent! Thanks again! You did SUCH an awesome job that even I want to look at myself!!

– SB

I have had the pleasure of using Meg for several photo shoots. Meg provided an atmosphere that made me feel comfortable, playful and sexy. The time spent with her is as valuable as the superior photos that result. She really listened to my ideas and then used her photographic and artistic expertise to produce remarkable photos. Having these photos done have been great for my confidence and I can’t wait to do more!

– AA

What an amazing and special gift this is! The pictures are very artistic and tasteful. It would be hard to pick just one favorite. You made me realize how beautiful my wife is all over again. I saw her beauty and the playful side of her as well as the backside! Thank you for giving me yet another part of my wife to love.

– YT

Just saying “Thank You” is not enough. Your grasp and delivery of such special art has given me yet another sense of myself. I not only enjoyed every moment of sitting with you, I walked away feeling a more sensual woman than ever before. The look on my husband’s face was the same you would see on any art lover, appreciating art in a museum. He then said to me while looking at the pictures, I love you. I see you everyday and after seeing these pictures I realize, yet again, how beautiful you are. Our anniversary, Christmas, and his birthday promise to be the best ever! Thank you for all of your magic!

– DT

Thank you for the awesome experience I has today! Thank you for giving me my confidence back….you are a wonderful person and do a wonderful job. I am glad we met and thank you again. Can’t wait to see all the prints!

Take care!

– RR